Definitive Depictions

Monetize the Internet and design your brand

Definitive Depictions

Monetize the Internet and design your brand


Hello, welcome to the website, you are probably here because of your interest in expanding your business outreach online, below we will go over some details and teach you how Definitive Depictions can help.

Learn more about the founder and get in touch if you would like to hire our expertise to assist you in your web endeavor, we cover vastly ranged technical skill sets, working by your side to meet your needs, communication is vital to a successful business and a driven individual can accomplish it.

Why settle for less, start working on it today.
Secure your data and meet your organizational needs.

Creative Ideas

Why settle for plain? You need to stand out in order to be marketable, we both know that once you reach the altitude of being marketable there's one sure thing to follow: Profits. When your ideas come to life, you'll know your true potential and everything will become quite clear.


The times change, it's important to understand the current economy, as things tend to progress, you're missing out, you're too busy. Helping businesses prosper with the latest dates to offer, how about those Case Studies, we'll have them too.

Design and Development

Don't reinvent the wheel! Use that wheel and the new tools we have to make it better. If you don't have the money, see what's out there, it's all part of the process to making your customizations and fulfilling your needs without killing your wallet, otherwise be ready.

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Our Services

Web Design

A self-sustaining and well thought out website and layout can go a long way, if you ever come across websites that implement the latest web technologies, like Silverlight or even HTML5, I like it too and I want all my sites to be somewhat future proof and clean, that helps create a good user base.

Web Development

It takes a fully working website dedicated to your business needs to succeed, I'm committed to that, before I end the FTP session, I have to be happy with the results of my work. I use software that allows me to work productively and securely, FlashFXP, cPanel , a quick registrar and a brilliant web host.

SEO Services

Being profitable is an important part of owning a website, if you're in it for the business, then you have to fine tune your SEO. I'm aware of search engine ranking procedures and their guidelines, with this knowledge, my commitment and ingenuity, Google is practically handing you free money!

Print Design

Looking to make that brochure feel just right? Not sure what format you need and size of the paper? I can help with all of that, from conception to creation using some of the latest tools that Adobe and Microsoft can provide. So let's print that at 300 DPI today.

Logo Design & Branding

Whatever it may be, I can help you figure out what you like best. If it's not for you, then it's for your customers and their loyalty to your brand, with me you'll be on the right track and I'll consult you on the direction you need to have in this field, even if I have to act as a third party.


You have an itch to reach out to your customers or clients, or perhaps you want to reward your faithful subscribers, a well published newsletter goes a long way, do it right the first time and everyone will be reading your mail in the morning, I'll make sure of that.

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Our Portfolio

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About the Founder

My name is Jose Contreras. I first became interested in web development at age 15, during my youth, I realized that good creative ideas have large potentials online, so this is where it began. What better way to leverage your skills than with the Internet and its extensive social media and marketing capacity?

My Vision

Not only do I understand the potential you have online, but I also follow my visions, you won't go from point A to point B without taking a direct course of action. Planning out your route and envisioning your achievement is the first step in the right direction.

My Process

First things first conceptualize your idea, draft it up on paper and start the brainstorming. When you work with yourself and allow your ideas the time and dedication they need, then you've already begun the process of achieving them.

My Approach

With the right tools, the proper production environment and a scalable platform, there's no reason why you should fail, it's all about how you conduct your work and how focused you are. Being goal oriented and writing everything down is crucial.


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Get in touch

Feel free to contact me through this web form, I will respond to your e-mail within 72 hours after receiving it. If I don't get back to you within that amount of time, send me a message on twitter or try my other contact options on the right hand side of this website.

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